Tavern Nebuloza, Rijeka, Titov trg 2b, Phone: +385-51-374-501

Our menu

  • - Cold startes -

  • Smoked ham

  • Sheep cheese

  • Nebuloza beef carpaccio

    Beef carpaccio stuffed with porcini mushrooms sprinkled with dried almonds

  • Tuna tartar

  • Warm-cold octopus

  • Mixed fish carpaccio

    Please ask the waiter for ingridients

  • - Homemade soups -

  • Fish soup

  • Vegetable soup

  • Tomato soup

    with bits of cheese

  • - Risotto and homemade pasta -

  • Risotto with scampi

  • Risotto with swiss chard

    and skewers of shrimps

  • Risotto with porcini

    mushrooms and shrimps

  • Homemade pasta

    with seafood, depending on the cuttlefish season

  • Homemade pasta šurlice

    with scampi

  • Homemade pasta

    with shrimps and truffles

  • Risotto with dust of smoked

    ham and rocket salad in cream of parmesan cheese

  • Homemade pasta šurlice

    Homemade šurlice à la Stroganoff. Small pieces of beef steak, zucchini, radicchio, rocket salad, mushrooms and balsamic vinegar

  • Homemade pasta

    with truffles

  • Homemade pasta

    with porcini mushrooms

  • Homemade pasta à la Istrian

    Homemade pasta with Istrian sausage and bacon in sauce made of Teran wine

  • Homemade dumplings

    with turkey and truffles

  • - Main meat dishes -

  • Beef sirloin steak

    made à la house. Two sirloin files, one in sauce of porcini mushrooms, second in sauce of red wine and rosemary with croquettes and dumplings filled with truffles

  • Duck confit

    Lightly baked drumtick and thigh with orange and cinnamon sauce with a side dish of mashed celery, fried polenta and roasted beets and leeks

  • Beef sirloin steak Nebuloza

    Beef sirloin steak stuffed with ham and cheese with mushroom sauce with croquettes

  • Pork fillet wrapped

    with bacon and mashed pure of batat, nad leek with sorted mushrooms and leed in port wine sauce

  • Turkey à la "Sušak"

    Grilled turkey meat with cream of parmesan cheese, tomatoes and sage served with grilled potatoes and vegetables. Comes with beetroot and celery fries

  • Rib-eye steak

  • Beefsteak

  • Beef sirloin steak

  • Turkey fille

  • - Main fish dishes -

  • Tuna steak

  • Steak of swordfish

  • Tuna in dijon sauce

    with mashed pure of celery

  • Tuna teriyaki

    Marinated tuna in teriyaki sauce filled with balancana, wrapped in sesame and vegetables made in wok

  • Swordfish crumble

    swordfish wrapped with peanut crumble, black and white sesame, szechuan with vegetables made in wok

  • Adriatic squid, 1 kg

  • Fish extra class, 1 kg

    grouper, John Dory fish

  • Fish 1st category, 1 kg

    Seabream, seabass, dentex

  • Monkfish steaks

  • Scampi extra class, 1 kg

  • Scampi, 1 kg

  • Musless in wine sauce, 1 kg

  • Grilled musless, 1 kg

  • Kapesante

  • NOTE

    Ask the waiter what is daily offer of our sea food.

  • - Side dishes -

  • Mangel

  • Potato

  • Vegetables in wok

  • Mashed pure celery

  • Dumplings/homemade pasta

  • Croquettes made of potato

  • Salad

  • Basket of homemade bread

  • - Desserts -

  • Chocolate souffle

  • Chocolate cake

  • Chocolate ganache

  • Panacotta green apple,

    cinnamon and vanilla